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Royal Institute Dictionary: meanings in Thai

Learn with Oliver: Thai-English dictionary

ETD: Thai-English dictionary

Lexitron-Thaitux: Thai-English dictionary

Longdo: Thai-English dictionary

Thai-language: Thai-English dictionary

thematic vocabulary

usual phrases

Tha2English: Thai-English dictionary

Thai-French dictionary

Loecsen: Thai-English usual expressions (+ audio)

Goethe-Verlag: Thai-English usual expressions & illustrated vocabulary (+ audio)

phrases & conversation Thai-English & French (+ audio)

vocabulary & usual phrases (video)

Defense language institute: basic vocabulary (+ audio) - civil affaires - medical

Siamese-English dictionary by Basil Osborn Cartwright (1907)

English-Siamese pronouncing hand-book by George McFarland (1900)

English-Siamese dictionary & idiomatic expressions by George McFarland (1903)

English-Siamese dictionary by Luang Ratanayatti (1901)

Siamese-English dictionary by Edward Blair Michell (1892) or another version

English and Siamese vocabulary by William Gedney (1865)

Siamese-French-English dictionary by Jean-Baptiste Pallegoix & Jean-Louis Vey (1896)

Dictionarium linguæ thaĭ, sive siamensis, interpretatione latina, gallica et anglica illustratum: Thai-Latin-French-English dictionary, by Jean-Baptiste Pallegoix (1854)

Dictionnaire français-siamois: French-Siamese dictionary by Luang Riem Virajbhakaya (1924)

manuscripts: lists of words Thai-German-English & English-German-Thai & Thai grammar, by Gottfried Geissler

Thai language
Thai keyboard

Thai alphabet & pronunciation (video)

Thai-language: pronunciation & basic grammar

LangHub: Thai course & vocabulary (+ audio)

IntoAsia: basic vocabulary - days & months - family terms - country names

Thai basic course (Latin characters) (Foreign Service Institute)

Colloquial Thai: course for beginners (2005)

Teach yourself Thai (2003)

Thai essential grammar (2002)

Thai for beginners by Jacob de Groot (2010)

Thai reference grammar by Richard Noss, Foreign Service Institute (1964)

The origin of the graph <b> in the Thai script par Michel Ferlus (1997)

Adjectives in Thai, implications for a functionalist typology of word classes, par Mark Post, in Linguistic typology (2008)

Lexical conceptual structure of numeral classifiers in Thai par Douglas Inglis (1999) : I & II

Student's manual of the Siamese language by Basil Osborn Cartwright (1915)

Elementary hand-book of the Siamese language (1906)

Elements of Siamese grammar by Oscar Frankfurter (1900)

Brief grammatical notices of the Siamese language by John Taylor Jones (1842)

Grammar of the Thai or Siamese language, by James Low (1828)

Grammatica linguæ thai by Jean-Baptiste Pallegoix (1850)

books about the Thai language: Google books | Internet archive | Academia | Wikipedia

Phujadkan - Matichon (newspapers)

VOA: news in Thai

Texts & Literature

Biblica: Bible in Thai, or PDF

BibleGateway: New Testament in Thai, Easy to read version

The Gospel of Matthew: translation in Thai (1857)

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

มนุษย์ทั้งหลายเกิดมาอิสระเสรี และเท่าเทียมกันทั้งศักดิ์ศรีและสิทธิ
ทุกคนได้รับการประสิทธิประสาทเหตุผล และมโนธรรม และควรปฏิบัติต่อกันอย่างฉันพี่น้อง

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-> Universal Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text in Thai & other languages

Thailand   ไทย
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