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Dictionary - Ordbok

Universitetet i Oslo: Norske ordbøker, Norwegian dictionary (Bokmål & Nynorsk) meanings in Norwegian

Lexin: Norwegian dictionary (Bokmål) for foreigners

vocabulary with pictures (Bokmål & Nynorsk)

Lingea: Norwegian-English dictionary & multilingual

FreeDict: Norwegian-English dictionary (& Danish-English, Swedish-English)

Heinzelnisse: Norwegian-German dictionary

online translation: Norwegian-English & other languages & web page

Apertium: Norwegian bokmål-nynorsk translation & nynorsk-bokmål

Loecsen: Norwegian-English usual expressions (+ audio)

Store norske leksikon: Norwegian encyclopedia

Nynorsk etymologisk ordbok: Norwegian etymological dictionary, by Alf Torp (1919)

online search

Norwegian words: origins of the most famous names: ski, fjord, saga...

dictionary of rhymes

geographical names & names of the countries (Norsk språkråd, Norwegian language Council)

historical names

Linguistic patterns in the place-names of Norway and the Northern isles [PDF] by Berit Sandnes

Systematical vocabulary, English-Norwegian (Danish) by Tyra Bentsen (1907) by topics

Dictionary of the English and Dano-Norwegian languages by John Brynildsen (1902)

      A-L & N-Z

Ordbog over det norske Folkesprog: dictionary of the Norwegian People's Language (has become nynorsk) by Ivar Aasen (1850)

Norsk ordbog [PDF] : Norwegian dictionary by Ivar Aasen (1873) (from: Ivar Aasen-tunet)

Norsk-lappisk ordbog: Norwegian-Lapp dictionary by Nils Vibe Stockfleth (1852)

Norwegisch-dänisches etymologisches Wörterbuch: etymological dictionary by Hjalmar Sejersted Falk & Alf Torp (1910)

      A-O & P-Ø

Ordbog over det gamle norske sprog: dictionary over the old Norwegian language, by Johan Fritzner (1867)

Norwegian language

Norwegian keyboard to type the special characters of the Norwegian alphabet

Språkrådet, Norwegian language council

Praktisk grammatikk: guide to grammar

Skriveregler: spelling rules & typopraphy

Skriveråd: guide to writing

Korrekturavdelingen: spelling rules & typopraphy (in Norwegian)

Verbix: verb conjugation (bokmål) & Norwegian-English translation

Sons of Norway: Norwegian course, pronunciation

St. Olaf College: Norwegian grammar

Norwegian course [PDF] (1981) (Foreign Service Institute)

Colloquial Norwegian: Norwegian course & basic vocabulary

Norwegian, essential grammar (1986)

Teach yourself Norwegian (1967)

Norwegian self-taught with phonetic pronunciation, by Illit Gröndahl (1920)

Beginners' book in Norse by Johan Andreas Holvik (1910)

Norwegian grammar and reader with notes and vocabulary, by Julius Olson (1898)

Practical and easy method of learning the Danish and Norwegian languages by H. Lund (1900)

Danish and Dano-Norwegian grammar by Peter Groth (1894)

Grammar of the Dano-Norwegian language by John Young Sargent (1892)

Norsk grammatik [PDF] New Norwegian grammar by Ivar Aasen (1864)

The phonology of the dialect of Aurland (north-east from Bergen) by George Tobias (1915)

Early lexical and grammar development in Norwegian language acquisition, by Åge Kristian Henden (2013)

On the consciousness of anglicisms in Norwegian youth language [PDF] by Anna Domanska, thesis (2009)

books about the Norwegian language: Google books & Internet archive

The two languages of Norway
There are two Norwegian languages:
- Bokmål (literaly: book language) influenced by the Danish: it is the language of the Norwegian literature.
- Nynorsk [-shk] (literaly: New Norwegian) close to the Old Norwegian.

Nynorsk in Norway by Lars Vikør (2001)

The Nynorsk language by Peter Hallaråker (2001)

From Old Norse to Middle Norwegian by Stephen Walton

News - Nyheter
Aftenposten - Stavanger Aftenblad - Dagens Næringsliv

NRK (Norsk rikskringkasting): Norwegian radio & television

news (Dagsrevyen)

radio online

Google news

Texts & Literature
Henrik Ibsen: books

Henrik Ibsen: biography by Edmund Gosse (1908)

Norwegian life and literature, English accounts and views, especially in the 19th century, by Carl Burchardt (1920)

Norsk Forfatter-Lexikon (1814–1880): Dictionary of the Norwegian writers, by Jens Braage Halvorsen & Halvdan Koht

books about Norwegian literature: Google books | Internet archive | Runeberg

the Bible in Norwegian: Bokmål & Nynorsk

-> bilingual Bible in Norwegian & other languages

First article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Alle mennesker er født frie og med samme menneskeverd og menneskerettigheter.
De er utstyrt med fornuft og samvittighet og bør handle mot hverandre i brorskapets ånd.


Alle menneske er fødde til fridom og med same menneskeverd og menneskerettar.
Dei har fått fornuft og samvit og skal leve med kvarandre som brør.

-> First article in different languages

-> Declaration of Human Rights: bilingual text, in Norwegian, English, Danish, Swedish...

Norway - Norge
Norwegian flag
Norway: maps, symbols, heritage & documents

-> Danish - Icelandic - Swedish

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