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Australian national university - Austalian words: meaning & etymology of Australian words & idioms

Glossary of slang and peculiar terms in use in the AIF (Australian Imperial Force) First World War (1921)

National Museum Australia - Aussie English for the beginner: Australian idioms (+ audio)

AustralianSlang: Australian slang

KoalaNet: Australian slang

AustraliaInfo: Australian slang

The address term mate in Australian English, is it still a masculine term? by Johanna Rendle-Short, in Australian journal of linguistics (2009)

A contemporary use of gay in Australian English, "That's so gay" (2007)


Macquarie university - Australian voices: Australian & regional accents, history, aboriginal English

Phonetics & phonology

On the representation and evolution of Australian English and New Zealand English by Anne Przewozny & Cécile Viollain, in Anglophonia (2016)

Linguistic evidence for early Australian English, "a peculiar language", par Kate Burridge, in Varieties of English around the world (2010)

A quantitative look at Australian hypocoristics, Did you have a choccie bickie this arvo?, by Evan Kidd, Nenagh Kemp, Sara Quinn, in languages sciences (2011)

La politique linguistique en Australie by Joseph Lo Bianco, in Guide pour l'élaboration des politiques linguistiques éducatives en Europe, Conseil de l'Europe (2003)

Variation in Australian English by Anne Przewozny, in Tribune internationale des langues vivantes (2004)

studies about phonetics of the Australian English, by Felicity Cox

Australian English, in Journal of the International phonetic association (2007)

An acoustic phonetic study of broad, general, and cultivated Australian English vowels [PDF] by Jonathan Harrington, Felicity Cox, Zoe Evans, in Australian journal of linguistics (1997)

The subjunctive in Australian English by Jill Vaughan, thesis (2006)

Perspectives sur l'anglais australien dans le projet PAC (Phonologie de l'anglais contemporain) : l'exemple de la longueur de /æ/, by Anne Przewozny, in Cahiers de grammaire (2006)

De l'accentuation lexicale en anglais australien standard contemporain by Marjolaine Martin, thesis (2011)

La controverse sur la transcription de l'anglais australien, une question identitaire, by Marjolaine Martin (2011)

Determinism in new-dialect formation and the genesis of New Zealand English by Elizabeth Gordon, in Journal of linguistics (2000)

The New Zealand short front vowels, new-dialect formation and Southern Hemisphere English, by Elizabeth Gordon, in Journal of sociolinguistics (1999)

Capturing the vowel change In New Zealand English over a thirty year period via a diachronic study, by Catherine Watson, Sallyanne Palethorpe, Jonathan Harrington (2004)

An acoustic comparison of Australian and New Zealand English vowel change by Zoë Evans & Catherine Watson (2004)

The phonetics of giving a hand in New Zealand English (spoken syntax) by Jennifer Hay & Joan Bresnan, in The Linguistic review (2006)

Sociophonologie de l'anglais contemporain en Nouvelle-Zélande, corpus et dynamique des systèmes, by Cécile Viollain, thesis (2014)

Les Plural Attributives in New Zealand English, by Denis Jamet (2008)

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